Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Comply&Verify system?
  2. How will it make my department more efficient?
  3. What information is contained on the call analysis report?

What is the Comply&VerifyTM system

The system was created and carefully designed to assist NCAA compliance departments in monitoring recruiting telephone calls in a time efficient and accurate manner (see Comply&Verify for detailed explanation). Flexible import options allow compliance coordinators to easily upload electronic phone records into the program and then run detailed reports for a specific prospect, area code, and/or sport. The system sorts the calls by recruiting weeks, applies the applicable NCAA legislation/exceptions and creates a comprehensive report outlining permissible and impermissible telephone calls based upon the data entered. A sample of the call analysis report is provided below.

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How will it make my department more efficient?

Comply&VerifyTM can import and process thousands of phone records in minutes. Implementing the system into your compliance department can save your staff the time and man power required to manually pour over telephone bills, recognize countable and non-countable calls, sort into proper recruiting weeks, and apply NCAA legislation depending upon the sport reviewed. This process and pain staking review takes hours, even days when done by hand. Comply&VerifyTM will save your compliance office time, money, manpower by eliminating the burden of a mind-numbing process on your compliance personnel. In addition, the human error factor is removed from this tedious task.

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What information is contained on the call analysis report?

The call analysis report was carefully constructed to provide a comprehensive overview of the recruiting telephone call history of the involved prospect. The report contains all the necessary information to properly document your monitoring efforts; including:

Please see this sample report. It is password protected, you will be prompted for the user and password. Please contact us for this information.

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