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The Comply&VerifyTM telephone tracking software was developed to offer a time efficient, accurate and effective tool for compliance offices to monitor recruiting telephone calls by institutional staff members. Due to the increase in expectations placed on compliance personnel to frequently monitor and cross-reference actual phone records with institutional phone logs, many institutions do not have the man power or other adequate resources to conquer this task.

Comply&VerifyTM can easily organize and process thousands of phone calls in minutes through an electronic import system. The system will upload your electronic phone records, sort them by recruiting weeks, and analyze them under current NCAA regulations dependent upon the prospect's year in school and sport. The end product is a comprehensive report, including:

In addition, the software will simultaneously provide a report of unknown numbers that register in the same area code as the highlighted prospect. The system will count the number of calls made to an unknown number and highlight any numbers with calls above 10. This allows your staff to quickly identify any additional calling patterns or possible numbers for the involved prospect.

The software has the capability to run searches by prospect, area code, coach, and/or sport. The system is flexible enough to handle changes or updates to NCAA legislation. Thus, you have the capability to run searches for past years or adjust the rules to reflect any penalties placed on a coaching staff member as a result of an institutional or NCAA violation.

A sample report is provided with the Frequently Asked Questions.


The Comply&VerifyTM software system is a server based application that is a multi-user, distributed system using the latest in software design and development methodologies. The system is accessed via the browser and includes Ajax enabled functionality which provides a more desktop-like user interface. All functions are performed in real-time using a transactional database for data storage. This means that your data remains safe and consistent with full backup and recovery features.

The web pages are secured with a role based security model. This allows you to define the people that will have access to the system and specify which pages they are authorized to use.

System Upgrade

Use the Upgrade link to upgrade your system to the latest version. This is a password protected page. You will be prompted for the user name and password when the link is clicked.

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